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Looking for Beta Testers

For a Course About Developing and Implementing Cultural Sensitivity and Awareness to the Learning Environment

Learn Techniques For:

  • Creating a learning environment that includes your students and your students' interest.
  • Developing lesson activities that are inclusive for all students
  • Creating an atmosphere that is safe for exploration and risk taking
  • Deepening your ability to connect with, communicate with, and reach even your most challenging students
  • Amping up your students excitement about returning to YOUR class every day
  • Establishing and maintaining class resources that reflect a variety of cultures
  • Creating a learning environment where students see themselves reflected on a daily basis
  • Working in an environment where cultural sensitivity is not embraced
  • How to talk about race when you are not allowed to talk about race
  • How to establish a better relationship with parents

The Pilot course starts on April 14, 2017.  We will notify you on whether or not you have been accepted into the Pilot program.  By applying, you agree to be notified about the course, even if you are not accepted.  There are no fees to participate in this program, we just require you to complete surveys throughout the course to provide feedback on the course.  As well, if you have a good experience and good results, we will ask you for a testimonial.